Memorable Wedding Photos with Milwaukee MOXY!


Milwaukee, you got moxy.  That’s what we love about you.  From your Cream City Brick (hollla!) to the beauty of our Great Lake, Milwaukee is not just the Windy City’s  less-than northern neighbor.  And when it comes to amazing memorable wedding photo locations, Milwaukee has locations that put bigger cities to shame.  We want to share with you our favorites of 2015 from our fair city.

We’re proud of our past. Milwaukee brides and grooms embrace the history and the iconic buildings that made this city great. If you love beer, Milwaukee and history, check out Best Place, just a few steps from this sign for an amazing and unique venue.  They have both the Blue Ribbon Hall or the Great Hall  depending on your need.

BONUS: Schedule a tour of the Best Place with your bridal party for some seriously fun Milwaukee history !


Where else can you do awesome groom portraits like this where PBR was once brewed?  At The Brewhouse Suites. It’s a great place to stay in downtown Milwaukee for your family and bridal party.

BONUS: Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub is a short walk away for great eats for a rehearsal dinner or next day brunches!

LOVE the idea of a rooftop view photo? No better place to get that view of the city  than at the amazing Pritzlaff.

BONUS: If you have a unique vision for your wedding, the Prizlaff can make it happen. Their space is a blank canvas with truly UNLIMITED possibilities.


Milwaukeeans are not shy about sharing their love for their favorite places to eat, drink and meet. We love this wicked cool photo at the Wicked Hop in the Third Ward.

BONUS: A photo like this of your first date, the first time you agreed on nachos or knew “he was the one” at a location like the Wicked Hop will mean a lot more to you than a  photo of the two of you in a location that is pretty but has no real meaning.


Let’s talk about that Great Lake of ours. That city. That view. We’re so lucky, aren’t we? Photo taken at the Milwaukee Yacht Club on what can only be described as an amazing October sky.

BONUS: Our photographers tell us that this is their #1 venue for great food.


It’s official name is the Holton Viaduct Marsupial Bridge but most people just know it as “That bridge by Brady Street”. It’s a fantastic place to take photos because of the striking architecture and light. 

BONUS: This location rarely looks the same day by day because the lighting conditions make all the difference. Even though it’s a popular spot your photos will be unique!

Kilbourn Park affords some of the most interesting views of the city you can get. It’s a great mixture of park and an urban setting. Many of us who have grown up in this city feel a kinship for both city and nature.  This amazing park will get you all you need without traveling all over the city.

BONUS: No formal photography permit is required as of this writing.


In what city can you get married in the winter in a Dome with three different climate habitats? Answer: The Milwaukee Domes.  So much more than your grade school field trips, The Milwaukee Domes might be Milwaukee’s best kept secret for weddings.

BONUS: Zilli’s is the exclusive caterer. Yummmmmmmmmmmm!  Ask them about their mashed potato bar :)


The Riverwalk: If you love an urban look than this is the place for you. Lovely light, amazing views and right in the heart of the city.

BONUS: You don’t have to go far in our city to get amazing photos in this small stretch along the river. img_0041

Milwaukeeans think getting married in a Warehouse is cool.

Or in this case, Wherehouse.

We understand that architecture is beautiful even when it’s industrial.

BONUS: Tuesday nights are Salsa night at the Wherehouse. Check it out for a fun date night!


We dig the Orange Star thing.

We don’t really know what it is. But we love Milwaukee and we love it in our photos because MILWAUKEE.

BONUS: The view from the other side is the Lake and the Art Museum. City, Lake…it’s a photographers paradise for wedding photos!IMG_0327

The Calatrava.  We love it, and we’re so proud to have this beautiful building gracing our lake front. It’s been the scene for many wedding photos because it’s so Milwaukee.

BONUS: The wedding rental fee is significantly reduced if you are willing to get married midweek!



Cream City Brick. We like it so much we named our business after it! Brides love it, grooms love it…it’s the perfect backdrop for funky bridal party photos

BONUS: Impress your peeps with your knowledge of why it’s called Cream City Brick.





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