The Importance of “Getting Ready” Photos

  1. Capture little details before they often become littler. You fell in love with these pieces. Pieces such as flowers in your hair. Your bridesmaids hair. Your mother’s lipstick. Your manicure. (This full set is definitely different than the others…) The finished product of your hair and make -up. The process of getting these things done. You can’t Photoshop out nerves… well. You stressed so hard because you couldn’t find the pair of stilettos in an 8.5. You have them now… so why wouldn’t you get them photographed? There’s some sort of genuine, hidden beauty in a grandmother + mother; generations of happiness, love, and kindness helping you lace up the back of your wedding dress. The details in the veins, the way their nails are done, the tears that may come with,. These are all small things that make up a big thing and something you will want to remember. Plus, groomsmen? They get nervous too, we promise you we’ve seen it! The subtle cuff preparations. The way they shoot back Jack Daniels to suppress the excitement. They say you are what you do when no one is looking. So, why don’t you share these “before ceremony” photos with one another after the event?


2. Capturing getting ready moments shows raw, real emotion. Plain and simple. Getting ready photos capture unfiltered nerves. Beautiful excitement. Family traditions perhaps, and family jitters! Your mother, and grandmother are just as nervous, and excited as you are. They have dreamed of this moment as much as you have. Wondered what you would look like on your wedding day. Capture their faces. Remember how incredible your mom looked in the dress she’s wearing, but would NEVER put on for any other occasion. Remember all of you at the spa. Laughing. Enjoying mimosas that have so much condensation, you’d swear the drink was anxious for the wedding, too. These are the best times.

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3. Getting ready photos are a great way to remember the process of life. Not only do we as humans often repress the journey, but we get so busy. So stressed. So anxious, that we forget to remember the little things. Your wedding day is, yes. Stressful. Yes, we get that. We as brides and grooms and bridesmaids and maid of honors and best mans etc… want the entire day to go flawlessly. We want to “Get the show on the road!” But we need to remember how many people put care and love into the details. How many people helped us get to these “Oh crap. Aunt Beverly is clinking her glass we have to kiss!” moments. Getting ready photos help us take a step back and remember the littlest things that make up who we are as individuals, and couples.

We hope you agree, or found some inspiration. Please consider all the options before you rule out getting ready photos on your big day!



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