Variety and Visual Interest in Bridesmaid Attire

To start out, I wanted to stay honest. I’m pretty embarrassed by this one- simply because I work so closely with brides and weddings in general, and I admit it- I have never been a bridesmaid.

Shocking at 20-some years old, Maybe. But before you stop reading this blog because “What do I know regarding bridesmaids + groomsmen attire” hear me out.

Seeing IS believing. I can tell you honestly as well, that I have seen my fair share of matching, (beautifully matching) bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen attire. From long, lacey, off the shoulder, on the shoulder, strapless, glitter, suits, suspenders, bow-ties, ties, you name it, I’ve seen it. And I’ve found a silver lining in each- whilst overhearing the bridesmaids and guests talk about the dresses/suits at the wedding itself.

I wanted to dedicate this blog to wedding party attire. What IS more popular? What IS more appropriate? Are we inspired by the idea of mismatching to show personality, beauty, and variety? OR, are we more into the solid colors/patterns to represent our newlyweds? Is there a tasteful way to add variety and visual interest in bridesmaid attire? Let’s chat it out.

So you’re super traditional. Okay, before I continue I want to define roughly the word traditional when used in wedding talk. I asked one of my freshly engaged gals, and she replied, “Traditional in the wedding world simply means to me something that is seen often. Something that is done over and over again, to give off a certain vibe or message, and it’s done repeatedly, yet differently.” Okay, that’s pretty good, and she had me agreeing. I thought this response was so beautiful, so why don’t more people do things traditionally?

We as individuals often like to set the bar higher, more uniquely, differently. Can all of this be achieved with universal bridesmaid and groomsmen attire? Absolutely! Just because the dresses are all the same, does not mean you cannot add a unique touch such as different shoes, painted Toms, (Refer to the Cream City Weddings photo below to see this adorable DIY shoe!) Or unique jewelry.

Let’s talk about colors. So you want to achieve variety and let your bridesmaids and groomsmen select their own attire for your wedding. Do you as the bride + groom approve the colors they want, or- do you trust that they will stay in the same scheme that you both desire? That’s a toughie, and depends what kind of bride/groom you are and what ultimatum you are essentially looking to strive towards.

For example, navy I find is one of those colors that is so popular lately, and can have a million variations, while being altered in shade depending on the lace, pattern, etc. on it.

Below you will find examples of slightly different navy dresses; (one different in style, but the same as the others with texture, and color.)

Variety and Visual Interest in Bridesmaid Attire for Milwaukee Brides

Another example of the popular navy, is this photo below. Each bridesmaid has a very similar shade of navy to stick within the bride and groom’s color preferences, however each is very different- giving gorgeously unique photos! I love this look. I love the way each bridesmaid can be themselves, and come together as a part of the wedding style. (Even their shoes are different! In style, and color.)

Variety and Visual Interest in Bridesmaid Attire

If you look closely at the same photo, you will also find that the groomsmen all have different styles as well! Each maintains a classy dress-up appearance, however some have suspenders, some have a suit, more casual, etc. each individual is unique but a part of something so similar; one love.

So the question stays. Do you keep your bridal party limited to one style and color dress, one style of shoe, jewelry? Or, do you let them pick their attire, but with some restriction? Either or. We love both, we understand both. Check out some other great bridal parties here below!


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