Simple DIY Ideas For Every Bride-To-Be!

We believe that affordability + beauty DO and CAN go hand in hand. Let us share some of our favorite simple, affordable DIY crafts that make for an unforgettable wedding event!

  1. The argue-proof date night jar. He wants mini-golf, you want wine + a movie. Or, you both do the famous, “I don’t know, what do YOU want to do?!” Let your friends + family do all the work of deciding! At your wedding, grab a mason jar, and a handful of blank popsicle sticks. Lay the popsicle sticks out on a table within reach of a fine-tip Sharpie, + your guests can write a date idea on a stick, then pop it into the jar! Once they are all in the jar, you can take it home and pull one each time you both wish to venture out and do something fun.

DIY Price: Based on what you already have at home, $10.00 or less!

  1. Dollar Store place-mats out of lacy doilies; personalized! Vintage wedding? Perhaps a lace theme? Or, any theme for that matter… we love this idea. Get personal with each guest’s place-mat. Hand write a sweet, short note on each guests place-mat, or those who mean the most to you. (i.e.: MOB, dad, flower girl, best man, bridesmaids, etc…) Your special guests will feel so honored to not only be a part of your day, but also be reminded how the wedding couldn’t be done without your support.

DIY Price: Based on how many guests, type of doilies, $30.00 or less!

  1. Seal a bottle of wine + a hand-written list of why you fell in love with one another into a box. Open the box when life is tough, or you both get into a fight that really shakes the earth. Or, open on an anniversary. Share the wine and read your list to one another. It’s a great way to get brought back down to the simplistic elements of love and life, and also a great reminder why you are with one another.

DIY Price: Based on the wine type/year, paper available- $20.00 or less!

  1. Burlap string + paper flowers as chair backs, or garland Super easy, super adorable, and super customizable. Select the color(s) of your flowers based on paper/wedding pattern. Cut out flower shaped pieces of paper. With a patterned scissors, cut a swirl shape out of the flower cut-out. Then, start rolling the flower together, creating a petaled look until the finished 3D flower is complete. Hot glue or staple, and then attach to the burlap string. Try adding a gem sticker or hot glue a button to the paper leaf, or flower for added sparkle and optimum customizability.
  2. Paint wooden letters, or create a fabric shaggy foam last initial letter. For the foam letter, simply cut out the desired shape and size of the last name or letter desired, using a pencil and exact-o knife on a foam board. Using medium sized squares of patterned fabric, solid colors, alternating- whatever you desire, bunch upward and pin with a push-pin into the foam board. Do this until the entire letter is textured, and covered. Wala! You are truly in control of this design and how full or alternating the pattern is. For wooden letter, cut out a letter from the wood of your choice, or purchase from a local craft store. Paint desired color(s), or even sand down and finish with glitter for a vintage look. HINT- Try stringing holiday lights over the letter for an added glow!

DIY Price: Fabric + foam, depending on fabric selection, under $50.00 Wooden letter, under $25.00

  1. Paper flower pinwheels, sealed with a gem + or button Find your favorite paper selections, and fold them into a fan. Bring the two ends together and hot glue until sealed. In the middle, hot glue a final button or gem depending on desired style! Hang on fishing wire, or on a burlap string. Adorable, simple, and effortless.

DIY Price: Depending on paper style, how many, under $5.00.

  1. Make your own Banner using burlap string, and giant triangular paper pieces. Hot glue cut out paper triangles upside down on a burlap string. So simple, and so elegant. Customizable based on your choice!
  2. Paper cones glued together to create a circle Create cones out of patterned or colored paper, then hot glue them all together to create a circle. Hang on fishing wire from the ceiling, or hot glue to a bannered string.